Our Company

Julient, Inc. was established in July, 2019, as an eCommerce retail trader. Prior to 2019, the company operated under different monikers and had a different mission. We were manufacturer representatives for various Italian fashion companies, conducting their wholesale trade operations in the United States. Building on these established connections, we launched Julient, Inc., as our first eCommerce venture. We operate as a totally independent trading platform that reflects our own vision of how the online retail should serve the customer.

Currently our company is staffed by the team of dedicated people who are the core creators of this growing venture. Building the online platform for The Elegant You was a painstaking process, one that took us several long years of work to complete. It has evolved into a customer-friendly eStore that is easy to navigate with just a few clicks, enabling shopping by brand, color, style, product type and size. We have curated a host of suppliers whose creations are unique, sophisticated and fun, fashions that are ready to turn a discerning visitor into customer.

Vladimir Zaichikov,  founder and CEO

His entire 30-year career in America Vladimir was involved with several businesses most of which involved online operations.  He was acting in different capacities in various online ventures on emerging Internet in late 1990s and 2000s.

Since 2011 Vladimir has been involved with several companies in fashion industry , introducing Italian designers to the Americans as their official representative.

A new e-commerce entity Julient, Inc. has been conceived as a multi-prong operation, running both, retail and wholesale e-commerce projects.

Inna Koyfman, Julient, Inc. COO

Inna had a life-long career as a highly qualified software developer, database developer and business analyst until she decided to try a different direction, an  e-commerce. A Facebook friendship with Vladimir has evolved into a strong and fruitful partnership under the name of  Julient, Inc.

Inna’s vast experience in building and managing large projects individually and as a team-player  have served her real well when a new start-up project was launched and she took over it as a Chief Operation Officer. Running this ever-growing venture Inna has proved her exceptional value to the company as its integral part.

Roman Koyfman, Project Director

Extremely talented programmer, Roman has a degree in computer science and vast experience in software and database development.

Previously Roman had developed medium, large and his own projects, building user-friendly and safe environment, following State-on-the-art standards and SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) standards.

Roman has joined Julient, Inc. team as a PHP developer and grew to the project director, becoming irreplaceable part of it. His vast skill set has allowed us to deeply modify a WordPress CMS and turn into a state-of-art online masterpiece.

Irina Leen, Julient, Inc., Chief Financial Officer

Irina as a Business/Financial Analyst possesses vast experience in a variety of industries (Public Accounting, Publishing, OEM experience with 10 years in Automotive and other). Firmly qualified, Irina took over a position of the Chief Financial Officer in Julient, Inc. in 2019. Being a great team player, she has greatly contributed to the company development.

Angelica Agarunova, Product Manager

Angelica is a true fashion lover with vast  experience in Men’s, Women’s & Children’s Apparel design, development and production. Angelica is an expert in garment construction, fabrics able to correct issues impeding successful production and aesthetic intent of apparel design, production and shipping.

Angela Savciuk, Agent in Italy

A true fashion lover and a  professional Angela is an expert who spent many years in Italy working with various companies developing acute taste for Italian apparel and leather goods. As Julient agent in Italy Angela contributes to the company development by establishing business connections and acting as an ambassador of our business in Italy. Her recommendations brought  onboard several valued designers who currently cooperates with Julient.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to discover and represent fashion and accessory products of boutique designers from around the world.  We are committed to making online shopping an easy, enjoyable and satisfying experience for those who have a preference for quality and an eye for beauty.

We believe that great design isn’t just about superior craftsmanship and construction, it’s also about how it satisfies a need in one’s life. Wherever we travel, we take pride in discovering unique designers in the hope that you may discover them for yourselves.  We look for designers who use high quality fabrics, the finest leather goods, the softest cashmeres and silks, so that when you look good, you feel good, too.  For those who love to travel, we also look for classic fashions with clean lines in fabrics that unpack flawlessly from a suitcase and are ready to wear.

We are customer-focused.  We take pride in responding to the needs of our customers and we’re committed to delivering value.  We go the extra mile to insure that our store remains a preferred destination.

Quality is at the heart of every aspect of our business. This is why we promise to maintain a global quality system that fosters improvement and prevents problems and to continue to work towards a more efficient and profitable company.

Julient, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to maintaining a fair and positive working environment for our employees, customers and vendors, and to support the development, production and delivery of the highest-quality products and services for our customers.