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Julient, Inc. was established in July, 2019, as an eCommerce retail trader. Prior to 2019, the company operated under different monikers and had a different mission. We were manufacturer representatives for various Italian fashion companies, conducting their wholesale trade operations in the United States. Building on these established connections, we launched Julient, Inc., as our first eCommerce venture.

Our business model differs from that of the methods and standard practices used by the online trading giants. Rather than relying on giant fulfillment centers and quick delivery practices, we work with suppliers directly to ensure the authenticity of the brands we ship and to prevent our designer products from being replicated with counterfeit labels and inferior materials. We operate as a totally independent trading platform that reflects our own vision of how the online retail should serve the customer.

Currently our company is staffed by the team of dedicated people who are the core creators of this growing venture. Building the online platform for The Elegant You was a painstaking process, one that took us two years and long days of work to complete. It has evolved into a customer-friendly eStore that is easy to navigate with just a few clicks, enabling shopping by brand, color, style, product type and size. We have curated a host of suppliers whose creations are unique, sophisticated and fun, fashions that are ready to turn a discerning visitor into customer.

Vladimir Zaichikov, company CEO

Inna Koyfman, Chief Operation Officer

Roman Koyfman, Project Director

Angelica Agarunova, Product Manager

Julia MacBryde, Marketing Specialist

Irina Leen, Financial Director

Olga Kvartskhava, Senior Agent in Europe

Angela Savciuk Full Size 01

Angela Savciuk,  Agent in Italy

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