Mission Statement

Our mission is to discover and represent fashion and accessory products of boutique designers from around the world.  We are committed to making online shopping an easy, enjoyable and satisfying experience for those who have a preference for quality and an eye for beauty.

We believe that great design isn’t just about superior craftsmanship and construction, it’s also about how it satisfies a need in one’s life. Wherever we travel, we take pride in discovering unique designers in the hope that you may discover them for yourselves.  We look for designers who use high quality fabrics, the finest leather goods, the softest cashmeres and silks, so that when you look good, you feel good, too.  For those who love to travel, we also look for classic fashions with clean lines in fabrics that unpack flawlessly from a suitcase and are ready to wear.

We are customer-focused.  We take pride in responding to the needs of our customers and we’re committed to delivering value.  We go the extra mile to insure that our store remains a preferred destination.

Quality is at the heart of every aspect of our business. This is why we promise to maintain a global quality system that fosters improvement and prevents problems and to continue to work towards a more efficient and profitable company.

Julient, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to maintaining a fair and positive working environment for our employees, customers and vendors, and to support the development, production and delivery of the highest-quality products and services for our customers.

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