Vladimir Zaichikov, Julient CEO

Dear friends!

We are glad to see you here. If you familiar with drop shipping method, you can skip all these pages and go straight to the Agreement page. if you want to know exactly how we operate, then, take a few minutes and read through pages. They are  carefully written to help you make an educated decision about the partnership we propose. First, try to answer a few questions:

• Is your company known to the  American public?

• Are you interested in bringing your brand to the US market?

• Do you think your products will be competitive in America?

• Would orders from the U.S. and Canada help your business to grow?

We hope you answered Yes to at least, some of these questions. Read on!

We help  fashion products of boutique designers from around the world to find way to the Americans. Historically it started with Italy thus the name of the entire project.

Our The Elegant You is a fast-growing business, an online retail platform created to introduce less known European companies to America. We work hard to raise their brand awareness and sales. How important is it, you be the judge but…

Let’s look at numbers of the well-known brands. They maintain presence on multitude of the retail stores and each of them has  an online outlet:

Armani sells at 2700 stores

Salvatore Ferragamo sells at 393

Prada sells at 666

Gucci sells at 520

Jimmy Choo sells at 200

Your brand sells at…?

These companies know the value of the multiple outlets for their product. How much would their sales shrank if they sold their products just on one company website? The more outlets, the better! And this is exactly why we are here – for you. Free of charge, our service to your brand can be invaluable. Working in partnership is always better than run your business solo. Go to the next page!