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The Elegant You is an online retail platform for those who value quality fashion designs. We have found a number of marvelous designers in our travels in the U.S. and abroad and are eager to present them here.

For years we have been in touch with fine craftsmen and artists whose expertise spans multiple generations – fashion houses smaller than Gucci or Chanel that are known in Europe but are not yet well known in America.  Our newly found boutique designers offer the same fine materials and superb craftsmanship as well-known brands and at affordable price.

The Elegant You is our first venture into online retail, but not the first in our online enterprises. Our company began as a U.S. manufacturer representative for a list of companies.  We sold their products wholesale to boutiques and retail chains. As the Internet speed grew, we decided to partner with a number of designers and use the newly invented drop-shipping method of delivering goods to customers.

Our collections ship directly from the designers’ shops.  We do not use “drop-shipping fulfillment centers” or big intermediary distributors whose inventory may include fakes and knock-offs.

We represent brands that we are in harmony with and designers we interact with on a personal and business level.  We vouch for their fidelity to the highest standards in fashion design. We invite you to read testimonials from purchasers on our designers’ pages and judge for yourself.  Along with our commitment to Elegance & Style, No Brand Tax is our un-spoken guarantee. We hope you will visit us often.